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Medical professionals beg public to take COVID-19 seriously, take steps to stop the spread


(Willmar MN-)  A host of medical professionals held a news conference at Carris Rice Hospital in Willmar Wednesday, begging the public to take COVID-19 seriously and do what they can to reduce the spread in the community.   Dr. Fred Hund is Chief of Staff and said this is not going away any time soon, and is only going to get worse...

Carris Hospitalist Dr. Lucio Minces said COVID is a virus, and all it does is replicate.   If you get in it's way, it will infect you.   Minces said it's sad to see the answer to stopping it is clear:  stay home, mask up, socially distance, and follow health department guidelines, yet many people ignore them or don't take it seriously.  Minces says much of the blame can go to young people who get the virus, feel no symptoms, and spread it...

...Carris Co-CEO Mike Schramm said their system is taxed but if you need to come to the hospital, it is safe.   Emergency Room Director Dr. Ken Flowe says 40% of their admissions are for COVID-19.   Around 10% of Carris staff are absent either because of COVID-19 or they are quarantined because of contact with someone with COVID-19.   Hospitalist Dr. Mike May said he's been here for 11 years and has never seen anything like the volume of patients they are seeing, and Dr. Hund said hats off to nurses who are working double shifts...
...Dr. Minces called the pandemic a once-in-a-lifetime event, and said it is much more lethal than the flu.   The bottom line was to stay home if you at all can, mask up, and follow the health department guidelines.