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Parents confront LItchfield School Board over COVID-19 learning plan

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(Litchfield MN-) The Litchfield School Board had several visitors last night – mainly from the local health community, but also concerned parents. Two differing points of view were presented to the Board by the visitors on the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scott Marquardt represented a group of about 200 parents who want their children to be attending school full-time. Marquardt says the hybrid and distance learning is leading to a number of mental health problems for children. He thanked the Board and Administration for what they’re doing, and recognized that their hands are tied to a certain point, but more harm is being done to the students in the school’s efforts to try to protect them from the virus.

Meeker Memorial Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deb Peterson told the Board that they seem to learn something new about COVID-19 on a daily basis, that it hits some people especially hard, and with the election approaching – it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, but the medical professionals have a responsibility to keep the community safe.