Urdahl irked at Walz ruling on churches


(Grove City MN-) Representative Dean Urdahl of Grove City yesterday said Governor Tim Walz forgot Minnesota's churches in his announcement on opening up Minnesota starting June 1st. In a news release, Urdahl said "

“The thing that really stands out to me with this announcement is the governor is leaving behind our churches. Places of worship provide great services to people and right about now people could use a spiritual lift. Limiting churches to 10 people inside at once is going to make it extremely difficult to function. We can open churches safely with proper procedures and protocols to allow more people to worship.

“As for our businesses, many already have closed and others are hanging on by a thread. The slow path the governor has put them on to re-opening might be too little, too late for some. There was real optimism the governor would lay out plans to do more to get our economy going June 1, but that just is not the case with the guidance the governor put forward. I remain committed to working with him to safely re-open our state.”