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Vaccination clinics underway in Stearns County

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(St. Cloud MN-) Vaccination clinics are underway in Stearns County, after Stearns County received its first shipment of Moderna vaccine to support vaccination efforts in phase 1a. The Minnesota Department of Health provided guidance regarding the distribution of vaccine to hospitals, long term care facilities and local public health.

Stearns County has received two initial shipments of vaccine. The first was to provide vaccinations to our local first responders, including law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS/ambulance services. The second was to assist long term care facilities throughout the County. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division has been offered vaccine as part of phase 1a. Vaccinations began earlier this week for deputies and will continue into early next week.

Jon Lentz, Captain in the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office received the vaccine and said, “Being in law enforcement, it’s important to set the example, to show the rest of the community it’s safe. I also like to see my mom who is 88 years old and I wanted to get the shot for her. I don’t see it as any different than the flu vaccine.”

Stearns County anticipates several additional shipments of vaccine as we move through the phases of this vaccine rollout. This is a phased approach to providing vaccine to targeted groups in the community as it is available for distribution. Stearns County hopes in the coming days to learn more from the Minnesota Department of Health about phase 1b and the people who will be included in the next phase as “frontline essential workers.” At this time, Stearns County is not speculating about who these groups may be, but instead is preparing staff and local resources to be able to respond to the situation as needed.