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Greg Snow joins Todd and let's Cousins have it as they regurgitate the Vikings loss. Todd wonders why the Twins manager didn't care about swee…

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Greg, Shawn and Lefty all join Todd and they talk Vikings, Shawn alone in belief in Cousins and how the golf game went, there was some controversy

Greg Snow joins Todd and they talk Mn Sports fans angst, enjoy the ride with the Twins and Todd thinks the PGA Tournament this weekend is rigged

Greg Snow and Todd talk food classes for Greg and his trip to Vegas including a bad beat story, Todd and golf with friends and the PGA Tour Ch…

Todd and Shawn Bohlsen talk Vikings, Todd says Cousins, Zimmer and Spielman are gone after 2021 if they don't make the Super Bowl, Shawn not so sure

Shawn Bohlsen joins Todd and they talk going to the fair and Todd had a great experience after breaking his driver

Todd and Greg Snow talk Twins, Todd disappointed at trade deadline, Greg liked the moves. Todd wins at poker, Greg says Todd's wife should get…

Greg Snow joins Todd from Braemar Golf Club in Edina before playing in an event, Todd has some baseball experience there, they also talk 3M Op…

Jeff Asche joins Todd and they talk going to Florida with the Kandi Elite volleyball team and their troubles at the Lakeland Golf Tournament

Greg tries his hand at hosting, wish Todd good luck, they talk snubs for the all-star game and their golf games over the weekend and Todd neve…

Ben Dols joins Todd, we find out about being a small business owner, fitness, tattoos and Ben tells a story about facing a giant in the boxing ring

Continuation with Todd and Shawn Bohlsen, did Kyle Lowry deserve some blame for incident when he went into the stands, Shawn's daughters in volleyball

Todd talks with Greg Snow from a Pro-Am at Redwood Falls Country Club, golf etiquette, Todd was beaten in his tournament over the weekend

Part Two with Shawn Bohlsen and Todd, they talk NBA Finals and make their Take it to the Bank predictions and what makes a good teammate

Shawn Bohlsen joins Todd as they talk Timberwolves snake bit in draft lottery, PGA Championship picks and how long will Kyle Rudolph be with Vikings

Todd chats with Greg Snow about the controversy of the Kentucky Derby, Eddie Rosario slumps, Todd offers a reason why and can Andrew Wiggins be fixed

A special episode with Ryan Carter former player with the Minnesota Wild, now a member of their staff. Stories from the NHL from a fellow Minnesotan!

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Tyler Gehrking is the current facilitator of the KCEO program which stands for Kandiyohi County Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities for hig…