Chad Monson

(Minneapolis MN-) Chad Monson of Willmar today (fri) was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for possessing a machine gun, a pipe bomb and an unregistered silencer. Monson, 47, pleaded guilty to 3 of the 18 charges against him in August, and was sentenced by Federal Judge Joan Erickson in Minneapolis this (fri) afternoon. Monson's property just south of Willmar was searched by the local SWAT team January 30th and February 21st and they came up several dozen rifles, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, pipe bombs, a rocket launcher, silencers and explosives, along with marijuana and methamphetamine. Some of the weapons were antique collectors' items and some were in pieces, but Monson is forbidden to own any firearms due to a previous felony conviction. Monson and four others were arrested, and eventually Monson's case was moved into the federal court system and the state charges were dismissed.

Monson's Attorney, Daniel Mohs of St. Cloud, says his client was given 36 months in prison, but he was given credit for 6 months he's already spent behind bars in a federal facility. If Monson completes a 500 hour federal drug treatment program, he could have another year knocked off his sentence, and combine that with other jail time reductions and it's possible he could be out of prison by late 2019 or early 2020. After he gets out of prison he will be on 36 months supervised release. Mohs says he and Monson's family were pleased with his sentence which he calls "a huge win" for Monson. Monson had run a contracting business in the Willmar area, but things spiraled downward with a divorce, addiction problems and eventually bankrupcy.