(Atwater MN-) On the eve of the pheasant opener, top DNR officials will be in the area touring various wildlife areas. After the tour, DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen and other DNR leaders will conduct a mini-roundtable discussion about national, regional and statewide conservation plans, much of the actual work is often local, and successful work is based on relationships between conservation organizations, elected officials, business leaders, agency staff and landowners. Whether it’s enrolling lands into a program like CRP, acquiring land for public hunting, or enhancing public lands, all those actions often start with conversations and relationships.

The group arrives around 1 p.m. and will tour the Dalton Johnson Wildlife Management Area near Cosmos, then at 2:00 they will travel to Atwater WMA, and at 3:30 will be the Mini-roundtable conversations outside at Atwater WMA