Smith's Addition flooding

(Montevideo MN-)  Montevideo Mayor Jim Curtiss believes the worst of the spring flooding is behind them.   Curtiss says The Minnesota River crested at 21.3 feet Friday night, more than 2 feet below the record set in 1997.   He says this morning it's now gone under 21 feet.  Curtiss says the weather over the past couple weeks has been ideal for a slow snow melt...

...Curtiss says there are still large chunks of ice on the Minnesota and Chippewa Rivers, but they seem to be moving right along...
...Curtiss says with the help last week of Montevideo High School students, they were able to fill and lay down sandbags in the Smith's Addition, city crews sandbagged around the railroad bridge, and the fire department and Duinincks Construction put clay, sandbags and plastic on top of the 1969 levy in the Gravel Road area of southwest Montevideo. 






The Minnesota River gauge measurement at Granite Falls fell to 892.72 feet above sea level at 6:15 this morning, a drop of .39 feet in the past 24 hours. Upstream gauges on the Minnesota and its tributaries are also showing similar small drops. 


The NWS flood forecast shows a long slow decline in river elevations in the coming days.  Granite Falls Mayor Dave Smiglewski says "That’s great news but we will have to remain vigilant and keep a close watch on the river.

Given the short term weather forecast, the NWS shows a 1.5% probability of the river rising to back to the 893.0 foot stage."


The City of Granite Falls and Yellow Medicine County will continue to closely monitor river conditions in the coming days and flood protection measures will remain in place for the foreseeable future.