(Litchfield MN-) The Highway 12 Litchfield project will open to traffic tomorrow, Friday, September 4. Crews will start taking the detour down mid-morning and the road will be opened to all traffic by Friday afternoon.

MnDOT and Landwehr Construction have worked hard to accelerate the project, recognizing the benefits to businesses and residents. The project will be completed seven weeks earlier than originally anticipated.

The reconstruction of Highway 12 from 4th Street to the intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 22 in Litchfield began Monday, March 30. 4th Street from Highway 12 to the outlet at Jewett Creek was reconstructed in 2019 and a pond was constructed to improve drainage. The City of Litchfield updated utilities (sanitary sewer & water) in the downtown as part of the 2020 project.

Benefits of the project include a smoother road surface, modernized sanitary sewer and water and improved drainage. The project helps to ensure that the city and state infrastructure continues to serve their purposes for many years.