(Willmar MN-) A Kandiyohi County Judge Friday denied a request for a restraining order made by a member of the Willmar City Human Rights Commission against Kandiyohi County Commissioner Steve Ahmann of Willmar. Ben Larson asked for the order in December when he told a judge he was assaulted by Ahmann and was afraid of appearing in public after Ahmann spoke to Larson in the hallway during a Willmar City Council meeting. Ahmann's wife Heidi has applied to become a member of the Human Rights Commission and Larson publicly accused her of leading a hate group called THEE Book Club. Afterward, Steve Ahmann asked Larson to step outside the chambers and the two had a heated discussion during which Ahmann tapped on Larson's chest. Later, Larson asked a judge for and recieved a temporary restraining order against Ahmann. The order forced Ahmann to stay away from Willmar City Council meetings, Human Rights Commission meetings and Larson's workplace, Ridgewater College. Ahmann asked for a full hearing on the order which occurred Friday, after which Judge David Mennis denied the order. Ahmann issued a news release, saying

“I was pleased that the Temporary Restraining Order issued by the Court after Larson’s unjust demand in December 2019 was rejected by the Court. I understand that the court must grant a temporary restraining order based only on input from the person seeking the order, but today we are glad that the Court recognized that Larson’s unjustified demand for a permanent harassment restraining order was unfair and did not meet the requirements of Minnesota law. Mr. Larson wanted to deny me my right to actively perform my duties as an elected official for Kandiyohi County and to attend political events like any normal citizen. I will be addressing this issue during our campaign.”