Litchfield High School

(Litchfield MN-) The Litchfield School Board has approved of a resolution to put three questions on the ballot for the November 5th election to increase the general education revenue and authorizing the issuance of school building bonds. The information will now be sent to the Minnesota Department of Education for review.

The Litchfield School District will be asking voters to approve of a $625 per pupil increase in the general education revenue. The District will also ask voters to consider authorizing the issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $32,995,000 for various deferred maintenance projects at Lake Ripley Elementary School and at the Middle and High Schools.

The School District will also ask voters for approval of $11,430,000 for an aquatic facility addition at the high school facility. This third question on the ballot would be contingent upon the passage of both questions 1 and 2. The resolution passed on a vote of 5-to-1 with Greg Mathews voting “nay.” Mathews wanted question 3 to have more details about further improvements that are planned for a soccer field and a weight room.