Little Crow

(Janesville WI-) Members of The Little Crow Ski Team were part of a world-record-breaking event last Friday. 4 members of the Little Crow Ski Team travelled to Janesville, Wisconsin, to participate in an attempt to set a new world record for Barefoot Pyramids. Little Crow is one of the strongest teams in the nation in the performance of Barefoot Pyramids and were summoned to Janesville at the request of the local team, The Rock Aqua Jays, along with other teams from the region.

The world record attempt, towing 8 sets of barefoot pyramids behind one boat, and over a prescribed distance without falling, was successful. Within a few days of the attempt, representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that the group had successfully set the new record.

Barefoot skiers for the pyramid included Jay Donner and Payton Madison, both of Spicer. Their “topper” was Lyle Duerksen, age 10, of Willmar.

A barefoot pyramid involves a number of bare footers, in this case two for each pyramid, along with one “topper”. All three start from the dock on skis. The topper immediately steps out of skis and climbs until standing between the bare footers on their shoulders. Then, once the appropriate speed is reached by the tow boat (47 mph), the bare footers step out of their skis onto the water to complete the act. The distance achieved was 250 meters, 50 meters beyond the requirement.

Also representing Little Crow were Andrew Welter, 2021 Show Director, who went along in support of the group, helped with dock and equipment needs, and accompanied his stepson, Lyle Duerksen.

Welter said, “it took a few tries to get the ropes and speed right, but we did it. Everyone was very excited to get their names on this world record.”

Joining the Rock Aqua Jays and Little Crow in the attempt were Bare Foot Pyramid teams from two other Wisconsin clubs, the Aquanuts from Twin Lakes, and the Beaverland Mustskis from Beaver Dam.

The Little Crow Ski Team performs Friday nights in New London throughout the Summer. For more information, visit the team’s website at