(Willmar MN-) MnDot says work on the Willmar WYE project is slowing a little while they wait for the embankments on a new bridge to settle. The project involves building a railroad bypass on the west side of Willmar, and as part of the project, a portion of Highway 12 is being relocated, and bridges over the new track are being built on 12 and Highway 40. MnDot says they are still seeing some settlement in the Highway 40 embankments, so work on the Highway 40 bridge is likely to slow until the settlement is complete – hopefully, within in the next few weeks.

On a brighter side, they says the Highway 12 bridge is almost complete, and they are getting the utilities relocated so they can continue grading on the Highway 12 tie-ins and the local roadway connections. MnDot says as they are grading on the ends of the new alignment for 12, and for some of the local road tie-ins, they have moved construction closer to live traffic, so they ask motorists to stay alert for construction traffic and trucks entering and leaving the project.