John Harrington

(St. Paul MN-) State public safety officials say there is currently "no credible local immediate threat" against Minnesota State Capitol, but say they're prepared in case there's trouble at this weekend's planned events. Commissioner John Harrington says law enforcement will make sure peaceful protesters' voices can be heard:

Harrington says an earlier F-B-I report warning of potential violence at the Minnesota State Capitol is "pretty dated material" and circumstances have changed. But Harrington adds they're "turning over every rock and looking under every bush to see if there is anything else out there."

Governor Tim Walz is urging those with carry permits *not* to bring firearms to any demonstrations outside the State Capitol this weekend, even though it's legal for them to do so. The governor says with tensions running high, firearms at protests don't demonstrate freedom -- they're about intimidation:

Walz says he wanted a robust conversation last year about firearms "carry" at the State Capitol but it never received a hearing in the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate. Maple Grove Senator Warren Limmer, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, is not available to respond.