Outta the darkness

(Willmar MN-) An event to raise funds to increase suicide awareness takes place in Willmar Saturday morning. The 11th Annual Out of the Darkness walk begins at 11 a.m. at Robbins Island Park in Willmar. Registration starts at 10, or you can pre-register at yourwingsofhope.com. Organizer Ray Stenglein of Spicer says he wasn't even aware of the event until he lost his 16-year-old daughter Annika, who suffered from depression, to suicide in 2016...

...Stenglein said he never expected to be in the limelight or to be an advocate, but he doesn't want anyone else to go through what he and his family has gone through. He says people need to talk about suicide and if they are suffering from mental illness, something that has been accentuated by the isolation brought on by COVID-19...

...There are 11 different Out of the Darkness walks going on around the state, and for more information go to yourwingsofhope.com.

The Willmar Police Department says September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month and WPD hopes to spread hope and provide information to those contemplating suicide & to people affected by it.

Through the month of September, we will have the license plates on some of our squad cars. The phone and texting numbers provide immediate resources for those in need.

From now through September 30th, we'll have seven of the license plates on a silent auction. The top seven bidders will receive a plate. All proceeds will go to Your Wings of Hope a local organization that provides advocacy, mental health awareness, suicide support and more. Your Wings of Hope is also a 501(c)(3) organization so winning bids are tax deductible. If you'd like to submit a bid for a license plate, please email police@willmarmn.gov.