(Willmar MN-) While Minnesota House DFLers are fighting to pass more police reform legislation, Willmar Police Chief Jim Felt says his officers are working and training to adhere to the police reforms passed by the legislature last year...

...Felt says banning the kneeling on the neck technique used by Derek Chauvin that many believe led to the death of George Floyd was no problem because they never used it anyway. Felt says his officers are trained to use the least amount of force necessary to safely control a situation...

...Last year's bill has more than two-dozen sections and bans police from using neck restraints and chokeholds — except as deadly force — and prohibits departments from offering controversial “warrior”-style training.

It also establishes an independent unit of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to investigate when police kill people or are accused of sexual misconduct.

It also includes mandatory training for officers to learn best practices when dealing with people who have autism and will require some mental health and crisis intervention training.

And it changes the way officers accused of misconduct are disciplined. Some felt the current system allowed officers accused of multiple violations to remain on the force.