(St. Paul MN-) Senate Transportation Committee Chair Scott Newman of Hutchinson Tuesday said he wants to cut down some of the roadblocks to getting a Real ID. Newman said

“These are unprecedented times in Minnesota. As we work through this crisis, policymakers will be taking several steps to make things easier for Minnesotans.

“This week, I expect to pass my bill to ease the proof of residency requirements when applying for a REAL ID. In addition to documents already accepted, the bill would allow utility bills listing two unrelated individuals to be used to establish proof of residency, as well as high school or college ID cards without a transcript, property tax statements, cell phone bills, and valid hunting and fishing licenses. The bill also removes the requirement that a phone number be on an applicant’s pay stub and will raise the time for which documents are valid from 90 days to one year.

“Additionally, President Trump announced yesterday he will be extending the deadline to implement REAL ID. In support of that decision, I will be asking the House and Senate to take up a resolution asking the federal government for a one-year extension until October 2021. In the face of these extraordinary circumstances, I believe this is a necessary action to take.

“I know these are challenging times, but our state is strong. If we work together and support each other, we will move through this.”