Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Department

(Spicer MN-) The Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Department investigated two cases of people being sprayed by mace or pepper spray in Spicer on The 4th of July. Sheriff Eric Holien says the first involved a Somali woman who said a man approached her and asked questions about her culture, religion, and her head scarf called a Hajib. He later sprayed her in the face with a chemical, either mace or pepper spray, then left. According to Bring Me the News.com, it happened around 10 a.m. in the area of Mel's Sports Shop. Holien says the incident is currently under investigation and more details may be released at a later time.

The sheriff says the second incident in Spicer on The 4th involved an Hispanic man who was in Spicer with his clients from Divine House, when he got into an altercation with another male and was sprayed with either pepper spray or mace. Some of the clients also suffered the effects when they were hit by over spray. Holien says the case has been sent to the county attorney's office to determine if there should be criminal charges or if the spraying was done in self defense. The sheriff says he does not think the two incidents were related.