Crown College

(St. Paul, MN) -- A group of Minnesota families, the University of Northwestern in Saint Paul and Crown College in Saint Bonifacius are suing the State of Minnesota over a provision in the E-12 education bill just signed by Governor Tim Walz. It prohibits any state dollars being used when high school students take courses at private colleges which require a statement of religious faith to attend. New Brighton Democrat Mary Kunesh (COO-nish) said during Senate floor debate, "These are public dollars, these are tax dollars that, yes, are going to private religious schools. Our state constitution says we can't do that." Princeton Republican Andrew Mathews argues, "

"No student in the state of Minnesota is being forced by the government to attend those schools." Officials at the University of Northwestern say the U-S Supreme Court has consistently and recently affirmed that public benefits which are open to private secular organizations must also be open to those of a religious nature.