(Willmar MN-) The suspects in the murder of a Willmar man were arraigned yesterday in Kandiyohi County District Court. 35-year-old Caleb Blue of Willmar was arrested Monday in connection with the killing of 24-year-old David Medellin (medda-YEEN) Junior, and appeared in a Willmar courtroom before Judge Steven Wentzell shortly after 11 a.m. Blue is charged with 2nd Degree Murder for intentionally causing the death of Medellin without pre-meditation October 25th.. Several of David's family members were present in the courtroom along with Kandiyohi County Sheriff Dan Hartog and several deputies. Unconditional bail for Blue was set at 2 million dollars, or 1 million with conditions. Blue told Wentzell and his attorney, Carter Greiner, that he would agree to be held without bail. His next court appearance was set for November 21st at 3 p.m.

A second suspect, 51-year-old Lori Gafkjen (GUFF-yin) of Brooten, is charged with 3 counts of Aiding an Offender After The Fact, with one of the counts involving helping Blue avoid arrest. Unconditional bail was set at $500,000, and conditional bail was set at $250,000. Her next court appearance was set for November 28th at 3 p.m. Gafkjen is a former Kandiyohi County jailer.

Court records say Blue told investigators he and Medellin were on their way home from a visit to Jackpot Junction October 25th when Blue stopped the car, told Medellin to get out on a gravel road, then stabbed him. Medellin ran into a nearby farm field east of Willmar and died. His body was found by farmers harvesting grain October 31st. After stabbing Medellin, Blue reportedly called his girlfriend, Lori Gafkjen, to pick him him and take him to a doctor in Glenwood. Blue had a large bandage on a finger when he appeared in court Thursday. The two were arrested at an Anoka County hotel November 5th. No reason was given by Blue for stabbing Medellin.