Sheriff's Department
(Fahlun Township MN-)  Two men swam a mile to safety after their sailboat capsized on Big Kandiyohi Lake during a storm early yesterday morning.   The Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Department says at 1:23 yesterday morning they received a call about a possible capsized sailboat which was anchored out from the island.   Two men from Franklin, ages 48 and 51 had been sleeping aboard the boat when a thunder and wind storm moved through the area, tipping the boat over.  The men went in the water and were separated.   The 48-year-old man swam about a mile to shore and summoned help from the other man's brother.   They called 911 and went out on the lake on a pontoon boat to search for the other victim.  It turns out he also swam about a mile to shore and sought help.  He was taken to Rice Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.   The 48-year-old wasn't hurt.   No names have been released.