(St. Paul MN-) A local lawmaker has been appointed to a panel that will advise the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board on how to handle statues, memorials and paintings at the capital which some may find offensive. Board Chair Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan has announced appointments to the Decision Process Advisory Task Force and Public Engagement Advisory Task Force, commissioned to provide recommendations to the CAAPB on developing a process for public input into the monuments, memorials, and works of art at the Minnesota State Capitol.  Representative Dean Urdahl of Grove City was appointed to the Public Engagement group.

Monuments, paintings and statues at the capital have made headlines in recent years after protestors this summer toppled a statue of Christopher Columbus, and then-Governor Dayton removed paintings with Native Americans in them from The Governor's Reception Room. Urdahl says instead of destroying statues, there is a process in place on removing them legally...

...Urdahl, a former teacher at New London-Spicer, is also an historian and was instrumental in getting funding to restore The State Capital Building.