(Willmar MN-) The Willmar City Council meets Monday night and will consider two possible sites for a new Willmar City Hall-Community Center. Willmar Operations Director Kyle Box says the sites are the current Willmar Community Center site on North Highway 71, and the former JC Penney space at The Uptown Willmar Mall. Box says they invited The Willmar 10 Investment Group to present their plan for The Uptown Willmar Mall at a special city council meeting last week...

...The Uptown Willmar site seemed to be gaining momentum shortly after it was proposed 2 years ago, but then appeared to fall out of favor as city officials expressed doubt about locating a new city hall/community center in a building that is nearly 50 years old. 

The city council Monday will also consider hiring advisors and consultants on the possible plan to build an open access fiber network in Willmar, and will consider approving a $13,000 quote for a clock on a post to be erected at the intersection of 4th Street Southwest and Benson Avenue.