KCO Public Health

(Willmar MN-) Kandiyohi County’s public health department is working with an active tuberculosis case that had a connection to the Willmar Middle School. The case is currently being treated, so no longer poses a risk to others. With guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health, public health staff are conducting a contact investigation and working with close contacts to assure they receive the appropriate screening. There is no recommendation for broad screening at this time. Letters have been sent to Willmar Middle school staff and families informing parents and providing information.

Tuberculosis can be contagious, but is not easy to catch. It is caused by bacteria that is typically spread by prolonged contact with an infectious person over a period of time. There is minimal risk to the general public. For additional information, visit the Minnesota Department of Health website at https://www.health.state.mn.us/tb If you have concerns about your health, please contact your health care provider or contact Kandiyohi County public health staff at 320-231-7800.