ABC Ciara kicked off 2021 on the cover of SELF magazine's January issue. After a year of uncertainty, the "Rooted" singer, wife and mother of three is putting everything into perspective and moving with intention.

Pondering the future, Ciara says she often asks herself, "How am I being the best mom? How can I engage more? How can I be aware of certain things so I’m really dialed in with my babies? As a wife, what can I do to make sure I keep the sexy? What can I make sure that I’m doing to be on my stuff, take care of myself? How am I loving on myself so I still keep feeling young?"

"And when I get there, what’s the next five years? How am I living my life? How am I maximizing my life?" she continues. "I ask myself these questions, and I’m just dedicated to it."

Ciara is also dedicated to keeping the fire burning in her marriage to NFL quarterback Russell Wilson amid the pandemic. She said date nights are essential in helping the couple's communication, which has been a "game changer" in their four-year marriage.

"We're able to get back to ground zero pretty easily because we’re aligned in the ways that we think about things and approach things," Ciara explains. "We do have to put ourselves first as husband and wife, and that’s a hard thing to really understand, I think, especially for women, moms. We love our babies so much. But we got to make sure our love is feeling good too, our husbands are feeling good, too."

The couple share 3-year-old daughter Sienna and five-month-old son Win, while Ciara has a 6-year-old son, Future Zahir, from her previous relationship.

By Rachel George
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