NBCIf you see someone claiming to be Sam Smith on a dating app, it may very well be them!

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! Thursday night, Sam says they tried to join Hinge, a U.K. dating app, but they were booted because the app thought it was a fake account.

"I'm still single. I'm on the frontline with all the single people still and it's been difficult ... I've gone on all the apps and stuff,” Sam told host Andy Cohen.

When Cohen asked if Sam took his advice and joined Tinder, Sam replied, "I took your advice and I joined this dating site called Hinge in the U.K. and they chucked me off of it after one night cause they thought I was a catfish pretending to be me."

"That same thing has happened to me on dating apps but that's why I wanted you to join Tinder because I have someone who can get you on there and verify you," Cohen advised.

Hinge has since responded on Twitter, writing, "Sorry @SamSmith! We know you’re too good at goodbyes but give us a second chance at finding you (+@Andy) someone special. We will verify your profile."

Sam previously dated 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn in 2018 and was seen on a date with French product and furniture designer François Rocci earlier this year.

By Andrea Tuccillo

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