Pay it forward, how many times have we heard that phrase? It’s really a random act of kindness to others, whether it’s a relative, friend or even a total stranger. We believe the world as a whole needs a little more kindness and that’s why The Willmar Kindness Project started. By taking a moment each day and doing something for others, it’ll make you and the other person you touched feel good. Teresa Holwerda Insurance Agency appreciates the opportunity to help someone with your nomination!

Monday, Teresa Holwerda was live in studio to tell us who will be receiving a dose of kindness! Teresa and her team will be "Paying it Forward" to these 7 people:

  • A single mom will receive grocery money
  • A woman will receive a CCT card and a bus ticket to see her sister
  • A single mom will receive a new mattress and box spring
  • A couple will receive assistance with a down payment for a car
  • A woman will receive a gas card to help with her trips to St. Cloud for Chemotherapy
  • A family will receive assistance for their loved one that is on comfort care
  • A man that helped two ladies in the McDonald's parking lot will receive a gift